…a ROOM, a UNIT or an ENTIRE HOSPITAL to create a Child-Friendly Medical Experience!  Sponsor….




                                                       …. an ORIGINAL PEDIATRIC MURAL





…. a Starlight Fun Centeran Oscar Litwak Foundation Mobile Playroom, Beads of Courage (Pediatric & NICU/PICU programs), Stationary or Mobile Technology (video games, dvd player, laptop computer)….


…. whatever the needs are in your local hospital, we'll coordinate with them on your behalf!  Most sponsorships also include opportunities to display donor logo!


We've seen first hand what experiencing "normal" in a medical setting can do for a child….how age-appropriate diversion can help alleviate fears while encouraging medical compliance (doing what the doctors and nurses ask the patient so they can get better sooner!), which ultimately helps pediatric patients get discharged sooner! Supporting programs with common goals of normalizing the medical experience for pediatric patients and their families is a way we can ALL make a difference!  Help make hospitals less scary for Pediatric Patients!  For more information about what is needed at your local hospital, contact  us at Belinda@ChildLifeConnection.com or (805) 637-1039.