Mural Magic….an amazingly beautiful work in progress!!!



Being a part of the creation of a child-friendly space in a hospital is so incredibly rewarding – we love seeing the transformation of empty "sterile" walls into inviting and playful spaces which offer children (& their family) much needed diversion from their medical experiences (& if by making this space more child-friendly we can help children be more medically compliant & therefore get home a bit faster, even better!!!).


Our first 18 murals were funded by a Pepsi Refresh grant.  Our newest murals will be funded by partnerships with universities and colleges, as well as through ongoing fundraising efforts, and through donations provided by generous community members!  If you're interested in donating towards the cost of paints/supplies, all donations are tax deductible – please contact us for information on what is needed and how to get involved!   All of the time and talent to create these amazing works of art are donated by students, either Art majors or involved in their Art program!  Click to see the magic our students have created so far!!!   Future Murals 2017 2016 2013 2012 2011




Future Murals

We would be honored to help hospitals throughout the U.S. develop original murals to be created by their local university's art department – please contact us for information on how to make your "white walls" child friendly!




Lompoc Valley Medical Center is the new recipient of two incredible designs, custom created for their new Pediatric space!  Time and talent for the first series was donated by the incredibly talented Ann Thompson, and paints/supplies were donated by Rotary Club of Lompoc….






Lompoc Valley Medical Center is the new recipient of three incredible designs, custom created for their new Pediatric space!  Time and talent for the first series was donated by the incredibly talented Trevor Coopersmith (UCSB), and paints/supplies were donated by Rotary Club of Lompoc….





Our final mural in the Pediatric Unit at Ventura County Medical Center is now complete thanks again to the incredible talents of our CSUCI Capstone Team!  TheToy Story themed design is quickly becoming a favorite of young patients!


Our third mural at Marian Regional Medical Center is now complete…..and the outpatient clinic playroom beautifully reflects scenes of local Santa Maria!  We can't thank our amazing UCSB art team enough, and are so excited to open this up to pediatric patients and their families!!!


The first of our two final murals in the Pediatric Unit at Ventura County Medical Center is now complete thanks to the incredible talents of our CSUCI Capstone Team!  The Wizard of Oz themed design is making such a difference in helping to make the hospital less scary for kids!


Our fourth room at Ventura Community Memorial Hospital is now complete!  The request was for a Jungle themed design to compliment the art already in the room, but to make it more child-friendly for their pediatric patients to focus on during their hospital stay…..our CSUCI Capstone Team has done an amazing job – and our first teen patient to see the room asked if he could move into the room – he said it was "cool" and that he absolutely loved it!  Huge "thank you's" to the entire amazing team!



Our first mural in San Luis Obispo is now complete….in Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center's Emergency Room!  The request was for something that featured nature, but also included elements that would appeal to both boys and girls!  Kelsey (CalPoly art major who actually graduated this Fall, but returned to SLO to complete her design) has done an amazing job creating this incredible design with bugs and fairies – and the feedback from families and staff is incredible – this design is already giving families something positive to focus on during what can be a very scary time!





Our third room at Ventura's County Medical Center is now complete!  The request was for a jungle themed design to compliment the art already in the room, but to make it more child-friendly for their pediatric patients!  Lynne, Manuel and Dain have done an incredible job – and the feedback from families already enjoying their design makes it all worthwhile!  Huge "thank you's" to the entire amazing team….


Our first mural in Riverside is officially complete in the Pediatric Treatment Room at Riverside County Regional Medical Center!  We love that little ones will have these amazing images to focus on during medical procedures – what amazing gift from Ronald, an incredibly talented graduating art student from UC Riverside!



Our newest mural in Ventura is now complete!  We've got an incredibly talented team of graduating art students from CSUCI creating mural magic in Ventura County Medical Center's Pediatric Procedure Room, helping to make undergoing a medical procedure a bit easier on their youngest patients!  We can't wait to see the look on the faces of our young patients who get to focus on this incredible design instead of their medical procedure they're going through – this truly is an amazing gift!  And thank you to Ranelle, Yvette, Katherine, Nicole, Kagney & Bre – this wouldn't be possible with you!!!




Loma Linda University Children's Hospital's Specialty Team Center received a Starlight Children's Foundation space funded by Stater Bros, but they thought it still needed a little something!  We were asked to bring in the most talented art students from UC Riverside to create an original mural – it's now complete, and completely amazing (we've posted the "before" and "after" photos of our 3 walls)!!!!  Thank you Winnie, Kazuko and Kayla for creating this amazing design, and for bringing an obviously talented team with you for this project!!!










Our first and second rooms at Ventura's Community Memorial Hospital are now complete and are absolutely incredible!  The request was for a jungle themed design to compliment the art already in the rooms, but to make it more child-friendly for their pediatric patients!  Danielle, a senior at UCSB, has done an incredible job – she donated her time this Summer to complete both rooms on her own, and they turned out incredible!!!
Formerly the BLUE ROOM (Ventura County Medical Center), our Beach Room is a fabulous escape to a tropical paradise, and much needed for many young patients who are in isolation while receiving their medical care in this room.  We'll get better photos posted once the window covers are back up, but couldn't wait to share this amazing room with you!  Christina, it's absolutely breathtaking!!!

Our BIRD ROOM is complete!   Our first pediatric patient to stay in the room said it felt like he was in the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland and kept waiting for the birds to sing.  Our goal is to make being in the hospital less scary for kids – if the work we're doing is making kids feel like they're at the happiest place on Earth, we think we're achieving our goals!!!  Thank you for the gift of your amazing talents Dani, Erika, Jeanette & Robert!!!
And a very special mural – this DEDICATION TREE sits just outside the new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Ventura County Medical Center!  Engraved leaves will be created and attached to the tree to honor each of our long term patients on the unit.  It turned out beautifully – and we just can't thank Robert, Dani, Jeanette & Erika (our CSUCI Capstone group) enough!!!
Our Pre-Op Bay (Arroyo Grande Community Hospital) is COMPLETE and ready for pediatric patients!!!  For those who've travelled through Avila and Pismo, you've seen this scene there – and now those in Pre-Op will be able to enjoy it and help relax before surgical procedures!!  We've even heard from the staff already what a gift this mural is for everyone on the unit – we've given them a window to the outside world, with sunlight and happiness (there are no windows on the unit) – always a pleasure to hear such great feedback from those who get to enjoy our work daily!  And especially for the pediatric patients coming through the unit, THANK YOU Andrea, Ragani & Sherri!!!
In what used to be known as the Green Room (Ventura County Medical Center), this Pediatric patient room is often used by teen patients or as an isolation room, so we hope having this Rustic Escape to enjoy will help make being in the hospital a bit easier for our patients!!!!
Here's our first to be completed in the San Luis Obispo county, and we know for the kids visiting this Emergency Room, it will make such an incredible difference!!!  And a second mural is already in development at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital!!!  We just can't thank our CalPoly team (Katie, Anna, Elise & Andrea) enough!!!!
We've also got two amazing designs completed in Santa Barbara county (Marian Medical Center)…..can you imagine the smiles on faces "escaping" their medical care to play in this playroom????  Or the needed diversion in a treatment room (which we're honored to help provide)???  We can't thank our UCSB Art teams enough – Danielle, Ashley, Tim, Christina, Dean & Shane!



We've had a wonderful, relaxing break since November, but with school back in session and the return of our amazingly talented artists, we're back to work making hospitals less scary for kids!

  • This week we started the first of two murals in Santa Barbara county – our second will be starting next week – and we have eight of the most talented UCSB art majors working on making the new pediatric Playroom and Treatment Room absolutely incredible for our visiting pediatric patients!  We'll have photos up soon…..the designs are incredible, and we just can't wait to share!!!
  • We also are finalizing design plans for our first San Luis Obispo county mural with our first CalPoly team of art students….we're on our way to making another Emergency Room less scary for our pediatric visitors, and can't wait to share more details and photos once they're ready!
  • Plus….awaiting the return of CSUCI art students for their Spring semester….can't wait to see what amazing work they'll be bringing to our Ventura hospitals!  2012 is off to an INCREDIBLE start!!!!



It's an incredibly busy weekend for our UCSB Art Students and Lompoc Valley Medical Center – we're beginning/completing our first mural to make their Pediatric Emergency Room care less scary for kids!

….and of course, none of this would be possible without the amazing talent of our UCSB Art Students – Tim, Grace & Victoria!


Both of our Infant-Toddler in-patient rooms (Ventura County Medical Center) are now complete, and our youngest patients have these incredible images to keep them smiling while in their room, along with an amazing playroom to enjoy and "escape" their fears and anxieties that often come with being in the hospital.  We can't wait for our newest team(s) to join us next semester from CSUCI to work their magic on patient rooms in Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care!!!!

….and of course, our amazing and talented artists who've worked on both the Jungle & Nursery Rhyme rooms – Cathy, Jill, Beth, Victoria, Rudy and Kayla!!!


Just a few final pieces to be painted and our Jungle Room will be ready for its first pediatric patients to enjoy…..and our Nursery Rhyme will start "coming to life" just as soon as these finishing touches are complete!  This is just amazing – we're so grateful for the amazing talent we've had donated from our CSUCI Art Students – with this as a sample of what they can do, they've obviously got incredible careers ahead of them!



Our goal is to create a Child-Friendly feel to hospitals providing services to Pediatric Patients – as both in-patients and outpatients (Emergency Room / Same Day Surgery)!  Our first collaboration with CSUCI Art Majors as their Capstone Project is complete – and the Playroom at Ventura County Medical Center is absolutely amazing!!!


….and of course, our amazingly talented artists from CSUCI – Kelly, Laurel, Xiomara, Angela, Rosa and Cameo – we just can't thank you all enough!!!!  Even during the scariest of times (and being in the hospital can certainly be scary for children and their families), how can anyone not be HAPPY playing in this room – what an amazing escape!!!