Educational Programs Taught by Our Founder, Belinda Hammond

Belinda Hammond, our program founder, teaches Child Life courses through the following educational programs:

Eastern Washington University  (BA/Children’s Studies with specialization in Child Life & Health, open enrollment available)

American Public University  (BA/Human Development & Family Studies, Academic Certificate in Child Life, open enrollment available)

Please reach out to with any questions on specific courses or online degree programs!

For questions on existing or upcoming courses and inservice trainings


Announcing Our Book - School Reintergration

School Reintegration: Addressing the educational and psychosocial needs of students returning to school after illness or injury, as well as the needs of the teacher or administrator facilitating the reintegration.

Our Mission

Child Life Connection brings play, diversion and education into pediatric settings, all in an effort to make being in the hospital less scary for children!

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